Homeless to the White House


Never giving up and discovering her power to give back

Homeless to the White House” is a riveting tale of Tess Cacciatore’s travels through six continents searching for the meaning of life. Her saga begins in the heart of the Congo with a gun pointed at her. It closes on the peaceful shores on the Sea of Cortez – healed from domestic violence, homelessness and all of life’s adversities – ready to give birth to the next chapter in her life.

The end of the book is literally a new beginning. It is the launching point for #Reveal2Heal, a cultural movement challenging women and men from around the world to join forces, share their stories and drive positive social change.

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Meet the Author

Tess Cacciatore is co-founder and CEO of GWEN (Global Women’s Empowerment Network), established in 2012. The award-winning producer, videographer, journalist, keynote speaker, storyteller, social entrepreneur – and now published author – has dedicated her life to advocating for peace, justice, and equality around the globe.

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