GWEN “Her-story” 

Global Women’s Empowerment Network (GWEN) was founded in 2012 and came into being as a result of the needs of the world community. We were called into action and we arose out of the necessity to be a solution for the global connection to women, men, and children from around the world.

This nonprofit organization is a partner with GWEN Live which curates, produces, and distributes conscious content to transforms lives for bettering humanity … now and for future generations. GWEN Media’s content and programming is ubiquitous to all media platforms. When you see the GWEN brand, you will know that a lot of love and care went into the content, with social impact and inspiration.

JOIN US for this global movement to Empower, Enlighten, and Educate.

Led by women… Joined by men!

GWEN is about:

SHINING A SPOTLIGHT on individuals and organizations who are making a difference in the world.
SHARING A STORY as through the revealing we begin the healing.
EMPOWERING ENTREPRENEURS in all corners of the world, to create sustainable success.
GWEN is responsive to your needs and desires, therefore we have created a scholarship fund to lift up and empower education & entrepreneurship,
GWEN is a collective consciousness and a reawakening of the human spirit and its yearning for a better today and tomorrow.
GWEN is as essential to the needs of mother earth, and all endeavors to create a better world.

Misson & Vision

Global Women’s Empowerment Network (GWEN Global) is about transforming lives by shining a spotlight on individuals and organizations who are making a difference in the world.

By providing a safe place to share our stories, we can REVEAL to HEAL.

GWEN Global is the not-for-profit arm of GWEN Media, an entertainment platform for programs, products, and services for social impact in the arena of EMPOWERMENT, EDUCATION, and ENTREPRENEURSHIP to create sustainable revenue streams around the globe.


Visit GWEN Live for films, series, books, music, master classes. The revenue streams from the platform go to fund programs, scholarships, and educational forums to expand the horizon of women, men, and children.